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Chris Skarparis & Co
Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors

Private Clients

We offer help with personal tax returns, personal tax-saving opportunities, personal income and capital gains tax planning, and personal estate planning and inheritance tax.

Chris Skarparis & Co specialises in looking after the financial affairs of wealthy individuals. We often work together with a team of advisers with different expertise, such as lawyers and financial planners, so that our clients benefit from co-ordinated advice.

Tax returns

Many taxpayers in the UK receive an annual tax return form that must be completed to report income and capital gains to HM Revenue & Customs. But many people find collating the information, filling in the 12-page form and calculating the tax payable arduous and time-consuming.

We offer an efficient, personal service covering every aspect of the annual tax return. We can contact third parties for the required information to reduce the burden on you. We calculate the pension contributions you can make, advise on maximising the related tax relief .

Tax-saving opportunities

We keep up to date of all changes to tax law and practice so we can be proactive to any tax-saving opportunities. We make sure that any expenses allowed by HM Revenue & Customs are claimed in order to reduce the overall tax bill. Should you incur losses, we evaluate the possible tax-saving claims that could help you manage through potentially difficult periods.

Dealing with HM Revenue & Customs

At Chris Skarparis & Co, we use the specialist software Iris to accurately complete tax returns and calculate you overall tax position, thereby reducing the chance of an HM Revenue & Customs enquiry into your affairs. We produce our own tax liability calculations and statements that we reconcile with to those issued by HM Revenue & Customs, so that you only pay the correct liability.

We advise you of deadlines and how much tax to pay so that you stay on the right side of the taxman and avoid late filing penalties, interest and surcharges.

Should your return be selected for enquiry by HM Revenue & Customs, we will deal with the queries quickly and effectively to ensure you are not subjected to unnecessary worry.

Income and capital gains tax planning

Our tax compliance procedures ensure that income tax and CGT planning are considered on a regular basis. However, we recommend our clients periodically ask us to undertake a more detailed review of their affairs.

Estate planning and inheritance tax

Estate planning and IHT mitigation are key areas in managing family wealth. At the very least you should have a will and ensure it is up to date.