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Chris Skarparis & Co
Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors

Food & Catering

Chris Skarparis & Co, a firm of Chartered Accountants in Palmers Green, acts as accountants to a wide range of restaurants, food distributors and other catering business small and large.

More than a simple accountancy

The food and catering sector includes all interrelated businesses at every stage of the food chain, from wholesalers, suppliers, retailers to restaurants. A single business in this sector can be susceptible to factors outside its control.

Therefore, for businesses in this industry, professional advice is all the more important.

Chris Skarparis & Co offers the appropriate tax and accounting services for your specific needs.

Chris Skarparis & Co advises a number of small and medium enterprises in the Food and Drink sector, including wholesalers, producers, retailers and restaurants. As specialists, we understand the industry has its own traditions and way of doing things and the unique problems and opportunities that every enterprise faces.

We have developed a thorough experience and understanding of the issues currently facing this sector so we can ensure that our clients receive the appropriate guidance, support and expertise they need to develop their business.

We work with our Food and Drink Sector clients in the following ways:

– Accounts preparation

We prepare accounts for clients in a clear and efficient way that ensures they are presented and explained in a manner that aids comprehension of the figures and highlights key financial drivers of the business.

– Profitability review

We advise our clients on ways to maximise profits and provide financial performance reviews which benchmark to other competitor companies within the industry.

– Personal And Business Taxation

Including completion of self-assessment income tax returns, personal tax planning and preparation of adjusted profit for tax computations.

– VAT and PAYE compliance services

We can undertake a complete VAT and PAYE review and provide advice on current legislation and any planning opportunities.

– Cash flows and budgeting

We can assist in the significant matter of controlling the finances of your business, which includes planning for seasonal variations and fluctuations.

– Payroll services

This includes the payroll processing, preparation of monthly PAYE remittances, dealing with any enquiries raised by HM Revenue & Customs, preparation of periodic statutory forms and processing of year end returns.